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Telcare Control Solution L1 L2

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Telcare Control Solution is for use with the Telcare Blood Glucose meter. The box contains two 2.5 mL bottles of control solution; one for Level 1 test, one for Level 2 test.

The purpose of the control solution test is to validate the performance of the Blood Glucose Monitoring System using a testing solution with a known range of glucose. A control test that falls within the acceptable range indicates the user's technique is appropriate and the test strip and meter are functioning properly.

Control solutions should be used in the following instances:
• Before testing with the Blood Glucose System for the first time.
• Every time you open a new bottle of test strips.
• Whenever you suspect that the meter or test strips are not working properly.
• When your blood glucose results do not reflect how you feel.
• If you drop the meter.
• If your readings appear to be abnormally high or low.

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